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Professional and Experienced Watch Sales, Service and Repair


Showroom offering a wide selection of watches
Services including battery, band and crystal installation
Gifts, clocks, and other electronics to choose from

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We have one of the largest selections of Casio watches in Utah and stock various other brands.

Come and see our selection today.  If you're looking for a specific watch, please give us a call so that we may check our inventory and suppliers.  We have everything from basic function watches to multi-function sport watches; analog and digital.

Well-qualified watch services drawing from decades of experience and catering to your needs.

CSS has served Utah for over 40 years.

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Meeting Your Needs


If you need a watch battery replaced, we install high quality batteries while taking care not to damage important parts inside of your watch.  Resealing is also an available service.

Watch Batteries
Watch Band


If you have a worn or broken band, trust us to provide the largest selection of options and replace it for you.


Professional repair is available if you have a damaged or improperly functioning watch.

Watch Repair
Broken Glass


Broken or scratched crystals can be replaced.

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Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm;

Closed Sunday & Monday

Off-Street Parking Available.

469 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115


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CSS Testimonials


Testimonials and reviews received from past and recurring customers.

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CSS is an institution. If you use anyone else for your timepieces, you are making a mistake. They are the best in the Intermountain West.

Tyler Hanson

Really awesome service, smiling faces, what else could you ask for?

Google User

Friendly service, really quick, and very reasonable prices. I took 3 watches in, all with different problems, and he was able to fix them all in less than 15 minutes. Definitely going back the next time I have any watch or clock issues.

Isabelle Straley

I have been searching for a particular watch (one with a vibrating alarm), and had visited 4 other stores with the same result; nobody working at these stores knew the features of their watches and didn't know how to find out this information. The lady that helped me at CSS not only had a deep knowledge about the watches she carried, but was also able to help me find which of the options would be the best fit for my needs and helped train me on how to set and operate the watch. Prices are reasonable (less then at mall stores) and the service was far better than any other watch store I've ever been to.

Robert Rossi

I had 2 vintage Omega watches that I needed opened up to get serial #s and make sure they were working properly. When I called most stores, I got the feeling that they were giving me higher quotes because of the brand of watch. I also read the reviews on the stores that I called and was not impressed. CSS had great reviews and was very informative on the phone. Not only was Scott friendly and knowledgable but extremely helpful and the price was very nice!
It's refreshing to get reasonable prices and excellent service once in a while because sadly enough, it only happens once in a while...
Thanks Scott!

Jason Latas

I stopped in late (5:00pm) on a Friday, and bought a pair of CD2016 batteries for my garage door opener. The place was super clean, well-kept and the gal who helped me was very pleasant. Another plus: it's close to work.

Benjamin Bertrand

I went in with three different watches, each with its own problem. He helped me to find a new band that worked well with the first watch, and then he sized it perfectly to my wrist. The second watch just needed a new battery, so that was easy enough. The third watch was a pocketwatch from Prague, and has been broken for years. He opened it up and showed it to me, and told me what needed to happen--and this is after I've had this pocketwatch looked at by two other professional watch repairmen who couldn't tell me what was wrong with it.

Google User

I prefer to do business with local, sole proprietor shops and CSS Watch Service doesn't disappoint. One of these days, I'll introduce myself to the owner, who is friendly, gregarious, and a real jokester.
I took my old Movado watch in for a new battery. I'd been told by several other watch stores (all chain stores in malls) that it would cost between $30 and $45 to replace the battery since it was a difficult procedure. Ha! CSS Watch Service did it for $15 and I completely trust the workmanship as I've had batteries replaced there before with no problem. The owner even explained a little about Movados and the kind of batteries they require. A sub-standard battery had been in the watch when it died.
I highly recommend CSS Watch Service for any kind of watch or clock repair.

Cleo Patra

This place is great! Best service around, very quick and great prices. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

Carly Straley

A mom and pop shop with very friendly and personal service. The watch repair specialist was not there when I visited, but I did notice that he is licensed or certified to perform repairs. They sell watches, various fun gadgets, and some jewelry. They have a great selection of watch straps/bands (Speidel and others). Battery changes, link adjustment, and other minor services are done while you wait. Cost for removing links is $6.00 and cost for changing a battery is $10. Servicing is also reasonable. I left a working vintage watch that needs a repair for an estimate. I will update review with price of repair and/or quality of work when i find out. Update: they fixed my watch for a VERY good price and even tried to source a replacement strap for me (a hard to find item). I would definitely be back if I hadn't moved from area.

Ruth Kaplan

I wish I had more need to go to this watch shop, but for the things I need they are perfect. I really like visiting with Scott!

Scott Kingsbury

For MANY years CSS has been of GREAT service.

Bruce Streeter

I have always had excellent service here. They have always had, or been able to do, what I wanted. I have never been disappointed by either them or their work. And they're nice too!

So glad I found them again! They were located on 3900 South and about 300 East when I started going to them. After they moved, I had a really hard time finding them (My fault- I knew the location, not the name. -duh. Now I know the name... and the location!) I took my Gucci watch in today for a new battery. Most places couldn't or wouldn't even figure out how to take the back off the watch. CSS took care of it for me, no problem! They cleaned out the junk from the previous battery (not from CSS) too!

You might find a battery somewhere else cheaper, but when you consider the quality of the products they use, along with the quality of the service, you won't get a better deal going to a cheaper place. →You get what you pay for.

I was a return customer in the past. Now I will be one again.
It just doesn't get better than this!

★★★★★ 5 ★★★★★

Thank you so much for a job well done!
(They're nice here, too! Ü)

Google User

I visit the shop at least monthly to have the pins in my watch band replaced. This summer I had not been in for about 2 months and then finally when I did, the owner was surprised to see me and wondered where I had been. This is the type of interaction you can expect when you go here. There is always time for a conversation and personalized service. Plus, the prices are reasonable.

Try this place out and I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Paul J.

Excellent service & very reasonable prices! I've taken two watches in & have been very pleased with the whole experience. Jenny has helped me both times & she is very friendly, knowledgeable & fair. I highly recommend bringing your watch in should you find yourself in need!!

Kat M.

Scott Eldredge and his business are great.  Excellent service, patient with my questions, reasonably-priced.  He stayed to work with me after his regular closing time.  In addition to repairing my watch, he made sure that the clock I bought worked correctly, and set the time on it.  I live 275 miles from his shop and it's the only person I trust to fix my watch correctly.

Marty B.

I have had great difficulty back in NYC and Brooklyn with finding a watch repair or jewelry store who would change the battery or fix the band on several Movado watches I have.  Scott at CSS took care of all 3 of the watches I brought in and had it completed by the next morning.  He did a great job and accommodated the short time I was in Salt Lake City. I couldn't have been more pleased with the service.  Thanks.

Kent R.

I don't have much to compare this place with, I've not been to other watch repair shops, but I was happy with my experience.  Service was prompt and seemed reasonably priced.  Again, I don't really know much.  The man I did business with was friendly, but quite blunt.  Don't take offense with that, though; he's a clear communicator and let's you know if what you're saying doesn't make sense.  And good humor to boot.  I'd definitely return, if I had watches worth repairing :c{P

R Clark G.

Needed a new battery for my Seiko. In and out in 10 minutes. Great Service. Also they have a large selection of watch bands.

Ken B.

Great service!
These people know what they are doing and help you find what you need :) Great business!

Emma T.

Salt Lake's Best Watch Repair and Sales
My father and I have been going to CSS to find new watches or have watches repaired since I was a little kid - so my family members have been customers for almost thirty years... We have managed to follow them around to all the different locations they have been at starting with when they were up on Highland Drive and 39th South, then they moved down to something like 3rd East and 39th South, now we have managed to find them again at their 469 East 3300 South location. Stop moving around! It always takes me a few months to figure out where to go or what has happened! The latest location is kind of hard to see unless you're looking for it; but worth going out of your way to visit. Frequently, since Jenny recognizes me, she'll give me a discount or some form of free service. It's really refreshing compared to the treatment I commonly get from retail associates at chain stores etc. Consistently over almost thirty years and two generations we take our business here. I direct my friends to go there when they need little gifts for family since it seems like many of these small ma and pa shops are disappearing. Support local business!


I have purchased several things from CSS and they have always be a delight. They even help me program my watches, when I forget how......and that is years after I have purchases the product from them. I could not be more pleased with their service, selections and prices. I drive some distance to do business with them and sometimes make excuses, just to drop in for a visit. They are a great man/wife business and they are extremely stable and delightful!


Not sure what the reviewer is talking about frequent moves. Seven years in the current location, 17 years in the previous location. Hands down the best place in Salt Lake City, to get a new battery, watchband, etc for your watch. Great family businesses like this will always get my business


Great Service
I just needed a new battery and watchband and was pleasantly surprised by the service. CSS replaced my battery and band while I waited. They were quick and even set my watch to the correct time. I highly recommend them.

savvy consumer

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